Point and Multipoint Supply and Network Configuration.

Insure your communication in remote areas.


We have the best quality in point and multipoint technology antennas for extreme environments and different distances.

Our antennas are among the most important brands in the market andcount with the necessary certifications to ensure the best quality in data transmission.

We use WiMAX, a technology known as "last mile technologies", also known as local loop, wich allows data reception and retransmission by micro radio waves.

The standard defines this technology is the IEEE 802.16.

One of its advantages is to provide broadband services in areas where the deployment of cable or fiber has a very high cost per user (rural areas).


Main Features:

> Premium solution 4.9 / 5GHz point-to-multipoint systems.
> Wide range of subscriber units that support multiple applications.
> QoS for data applications, voice and video.
> Coverage range up to 85 km.
> Capacity of 32 Mbps to 70 Mbps per sector, upgradeable whit license up to
> 40 MHz in A.U. (Access Unit) base stations and excellent spread features.
> Secure connectivity: FIPS-140-2, FIPS-197 and AES 128 HW impenetrable based.
> Technology: TDD OFDM NLOS.
> MIR / CIR configurable SU (Subscriber Unit) for uplink / downlink direction.
> Scalable configuration based on licenses for pay as you grow.
> Video surveillance special functions activated by uplink /downlink settings.
> Automatic Transmission Control Power (ATCP).
> High resistant operator type chassis.


Remote communication with sightline.

Our devices objective is bring communications to inaccessible areas where broadband internet and telephony servicesis are not available.
Our systems supports various systems and apps that today are necessary for the safety and performance of a company.

> Voice and data services.
> Photographic evidence in systems blogs.
> Videoconferences
> Sending voice messages, images and videos.
> Telemetry and biometrics systems .
> VPN and intranet apps.
> Synchronous and asynchronous remote response Systems.





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