Vehicle Tracking Installation and Supplies

Get the maximum performance of your vehicles.

Evolution of Vehicle Tracking.

AVL1 - copia

Intersad has several years of experience, offering our customers the best solutions to manage and optimize material and intellectual resources, that is why we offer now the next generation of AVL's, sensors and accessories to help you make the most out your units.


We have the best quality in AVL equipment and an extensive range of devices according to your needs. Intersad provides the advantage that their devices are full scalable. You can start with a conventional monitoring system, but later, you will be able to adding accessories to get more information on your unit, ensuring better control.

Our devices are fully programmable for even,t monitoring different unit parameters related to: time, distance,direction changes, speed, drag, impact, acceleration, intervals, accessories entries, GPS / GPRS signal conditions.

These events set to be saved temporarily and then sent to the platform for analysis and registration.

Main features:

> Highly configurable functionality.
>GSM / GPRS quad band (Tracker / Tracker GNSS)
> 850/1900 modem or dual-band 900/1800/2100 (Tracker3G).
> IP65 protection against water and dust.
> Two communication ports that facilitate the use of a wide range of accessories.
> Location (periodically or upon request).
> GPRS or text messaging.
> Recorder memory, up to 12,000 events.
> Update during communication.
> Output immobilizer.
> Emergency alert.
> Speed alert.
> Alert trailer.
> Better battery management.
> Local profile management and roaming.
> Virtual management geographic alert (Geofence).
> Remote locking capability (Stop Engine).
> Congurable alert for vehicle speed and Geofence.
> FOTA firmware update.
> Detecting jamming of GSM / GPRS with text alerts.
> Emergency button.




Vehicle Tracking and Management.

The primary objective of our devices is take out the most of your units, the safety of personal and eliminate malpractice thereof, by analyzing the information.

Our devices are programmed to report to the platform in 4 different, but simultaneous modes, so that the condition is satisfied first, is reflected in the history of the platform, maintaining a perfect route; reporting every 5 minutes, every turn of 30 degrees, every kilometer and every time the vehicle is powered off.


With our accessories will have access to CANBUS parameters and you can get all the information generated by the vehicle in real time, to analyze and exploit the information from the web platform.

> Fuel level measurement. Get real-time readings and alerts from the system for each fuel load, abrupt changes in the levels for possible theft and mileage performance.
> Motor temperature. Display the actual temperature of the engine and alerts warming issues.
> Error Code Reader. You can receive alerts by error codes send by the computer to prevent incidents or accidents that damage the vehicle, for everyday use or malpractice
> Evaluate vehicle by driver use. With a set of tools provided by the platform, you can analyze how the truck is being used by your drivers.

Driver identification.

The use of fleet management usually requires the identification of the driver, and the identification of the vehicle to be monitored. In cases where you can assign a single driver to a vehicle for each journey, using our product, the fleet manager can accurately identify the driver through three types of identification modules.

A coin-size chip with a unique ID, usually connected to the driver keychain. Usually installed on the vehicle instruments board, identifies the driver in the system.

Numeric keyboard. Each driver has its own digital password When entering the vehicle, the driver type its password using the keypad. It also serves to make emergency calls or business calls (Bidirectional audio accessory is required).

Bidirectional RFID distance control . You can identify the driver and verify proper use of the vehicle. Using mono and bidirectional communication with the device, depending on implementation needs and solution.

Bidirectional Audio Booth.

Sometimes you need to know what happens in the cabin and we have a accessory to do so in real time from our web platform, so as be able to communicate with the driver to inform a situation or to assign a task in or out of your daily routine, this helps optimal communication between the operator and driver.

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