Supply of Gas and Fire Detection Systems.

Be always alert and protected with our solutions.

Guaranteed Security.

The gas and fire detection systems are based on the analysis of the environment for protecting the area by high technology detection systems. The system detects the presence of dangerous or flammable materials, and initiate a quick response to mitigate the impact of toxic releases, gases and fuel to create layers of protection; the definitive solution in the Safety Instrumented System.

Gas and Flame Detectors.

Gas detectors and flame (fuel and toxic) has a SMART communication interface which allows to easy swap sensor, recognizing any sensor connected and automatically maintaining a digital link between them. Very precise avoiding false alarms.

Main Features:

> 4-20 mA output signal; HART, optional: relays, Modbus, Fieldbus.
> Enlightened LCD Display indicating the name of gas concentration, status ...
> Compatible with a wide range of IR sensors, catalytic and electromechanical
> for toxic gases and fuel detection, using different technologies.
> 316 aluminum or stainless steel enclosure for heavy duty.
> Proper for hazardous and explosion-proof areas.

Other devices we handle:

> Open Road Detector.
> Toxic and combustible gases detector .
> UV / IR Flame Detector.
> Infrared Detector Point for gases.
> Universal Digital Controller.
> IR3 Flame Detector.
> Test lamp.

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Portable Gas Detectors.

> 1-4 detected gases simultaneously.
> Simple automatic calibration procedure.
> Interchangeable (CO, H2S, O2 and / or flammable gases and explosives) Sensors.
> Simple automatic calibration procedure.
> Dustproof and waterproof design rated IP65 / 66 .
> LCD screen displays gas concentrations.
> Rechargeable lithium battery.
> 95 db alarm + vibration/silent mode.

Visible and audible signalling equipment.

We have an extensive range of devices for visible and audible signaling , common operating in extreme environments, only to provide you the best quality even in clasified areas.

> High power horns and sirens.
> Indicator status lights.
> Tone generator.
> Paging systems.
> Equipment for classified areas.

Telephone and intercom system stations approved for use in outdoors, classified areas...

> Digital intercom stations.
> Alarm and paging systems.
> Industrial telephony.

Fire Suppression Systems.

Wide range of solutions focused on suppression systems for all types of industrial and petrochemical applications.

> Marine systems.
> PQS / Dry chemical systems
> High pressure CO2 systems .
> Control and download dashboards.


Supply, maintenance and facilities.
Our services are designed for industrial projects and specialized environments , like offshore and onshore, attached to the different rules and policies, offering the best quality in the market.

They can be implemented in industrial processes that store, transport and process combustible gases, tensuring a reliable and instantaneous response necessary to this type of high-risk applications, using advanced technologies, and providing a solid performance in any environment.

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