Equipment and systems for industrial intercommunications

Keep always constant and effective communication.

Industrial and Corporative intercommunications.

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Intersad offers Intercom Systems designed to provide critical communications, based on powerful and flexible platforms for different types of applications.

We have intercom and paging systems for heavy duty (refineries, oil rigs, mining, chemical, hydroelectric and industrial plants) and for the entire industrial field that requires.

The primary objective of our devices is to keep all staff inside the facility communicated and alert, even in critical areas, to safeguard the all staff integrity.

Intersad has a wide range of Intercom Systems based on analog, digital or IP technology, as well as different types of intercom stations like: multifunctional, with display, desktop, recessed, single button, heavy duty, weatherproof, vandal-proof, anti bacteria, with handset, for classified areas (explosion-proof) or through a software client.

Local Intercom.

The systems have the option of private communication between two participants and conference with many people at once, and the possibility of voicing for the location of a person in the work area or to massive audio warnings to the staff.

Integrate with security systems.

The Intercom solutions of Intersad perfectly integrate with a wide range of security systems including: CCTV, Access Control, Fire Detection, Paging PBX, phonesand radios.

Through this integration intercom systems operate not only as a communication system, but also as an integral part of the Control Center.

Intersad has approved Intercom Systems ABS and /or DNV for the marine market.

Opportunity Areas:

> Corporate Buildings.
> Airports.
> Hospitals.
> Prisons.
> Industry.
> Oil and Gas.
> Mining.
> Roads.
> Schools.
> Marine.

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