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Access Control Systems.

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An access control system comes from the need to protect the installations and assets using physical controls on items that may present a threat to the safety for assets or affects the productivity of the company.

An access control system is an electronic system which restricts or allows user access to a specific area by validating the identification of different ways of reading (key keyboard, biometrics or proximity tags) and in turn controlling the resource (gate or turnstile) by an electrical device such as an electromagnet, endcaps, or latch motor.


Systems and Equipment.

Intersad provides equipment and acces control systems for commercial and corporate security, giving best control and safety in restricted areas.

We have the following categories:

> Biometrics. (Fingerprints, retinal, iris, facial patterns)
> Telemetry. (Mifare, iClass, ID, Wiegand, RFID) (The use of this technology may be in cards, key chains, bracelets, labels, etc.)
> Pedestrian Access Control. (Turnstiles and various types of electronic barriers)
> Vehicular Access Control. (Vehicle barriers, motors for gates, parking systems)
> Door Video Intercom and Intercom.
> Assist Control. (Biometrics or telemetry)

The best quality trademarks and models in the market.

> Our devices monitor the compliance for established safety standards.
> Can be installed in different areas of an industrial zone, factory, hospital or company.
> Document events happening at points of interest and affluence.
> Serve as a electronic witness monitoring processes and operations.
> Save lives Supporting the process of safety.
> Maintains records of personnel and equipment.
> We have in stock original components and spare parts.
> Close contact with the manufacturers of top brands and equipment in market.


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