Installation, Supplies and Repair and CCTV Security Cameras

Increase your security and prevents accidents in hazardous areas.

CCTV - copia

We have the best quality in outdoor surveillance cameras.

High Speed Video Surveillance System.

Day & Night Sensor that provides full color video at the day and B & W at night (no light) to obtain the best image of both environments.

It works perfectly during the day and provides crystal clear images at night.

Optical Zoom up to 30x and Digital Zoom up to 10x that let you see the plate of a car to 80 meters away.

Store up to 128 preset positions to rotate the camera and focus on specific areas of interest in less than 1 second.

Tour features and programmable preset sequences, so the surveillance camera becomes a permanent guard in areas of interest.

Color video in high resolution at the day and B & W video at night (low light) to obtain the best images regardless of lighting conditions, thanks to the ICR filter blocking (Integrated Decoder Receiver) & DSS (Digital Speech Standard).

The camera is integrated in a Weatherproof Cabinet designed to be installed anywhere (manufactured under IP66 norm).

Keyboard with PTZ function.


> RS485 communication.
> USB interface for mouse function.
> Protocols: Pelco-D, Pelco-P, Samsung Elec. and Panasonic.
> LCD 20 x 4 characters.
> Three axis PTZ joystick control.
> Transmission speed: 2400-38400 bps.
> Current consumption: 120-150 mA.
> Operating temperature: -10ºC - 50ºC.
> Operating Humidity: 60%


Digital Video Recorder


> Real-time recording at 120 FPS.
> Emergency recording button.
> NTSC video system.
> Support for USB backup.
> VGA and BNC video output.
> DVD-RW Installation support.
> SATA hard disk supportup to 1TB.
> Front Keyboard / Remote Controller / USB Mouse.
> User friendly interface for easy operation.
> Support for dynamic DNS (DDNS) and Web server (ActiveX).
> Programmable dynamic recording time, motion and alarm.
> Hard Disk Drive with capacity for storage up to 1 month.


Corporate security sistems.

We have the best quality in outdoor surveillance cameras.

> Our devices monitor the compliance for established safety standards.
> They can be installed in dierent areas of an industrial zone, factory, hospital or company.
> They document events happening at points of interest and auence.
> They serve as a electronic witness monitoring processes and operations.
> They save lives Supporting the process of safety.
> Maintains records of personnel and equipment.


Our technicians are certied to perform the installation using
the approved safety equipment.

Spare parts.

We have original, spare parts and contacts with the best brands and equipment.


We have the best certied sta to perform repairs on site.

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