Automation and Industrial Control

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Automation and control.

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Intersad offers the expertise to maintain the critic processes available and operating in any sector of business and anywhere in the world.

We have a wide range of devices to assemble control boards for supply or spare parts, which fulfill the electrical standards, like weatherproof and many others if its required.

> Switches and control stations.
> Engine starters.
> MT Network automation.
> Boxes, wiring and interfaces.
> Power load centers.
> Data centers, server rooms and cabinets.
> Industrial communications.
> Contactors and power relays.
> Power generators and transformers.
> IT rack's and accessories.
> PAC, PLC and other controllers.
> Power Circuit Breakers.
> RFID sensors and systems.



Systems and Equipment.

Our target is to help improve eciency to reduce downtime, security risks and costs.

> Extending the useful life of equipment, creating solutions for modernization as in order to optimize budgets.
> Increase production and improve the quality of their products, processes and sta performance.
> Reduce costs and time spent on corrective maintenance and troubleshooting.
> Ecient collection and processing of information.
> Guarantees the safety and security of users and installations.




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