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Offshore Services

Explosion proof equipment to increase security, protect equipment and provide security in areas classified.

We are an international company focused on meeting the technological needs of the oil, government, automotive and aviation.

Focused on providing specialized solutions to areas of opportunity for a company to ensure innovation and comprehensive development through our services and expertise, with the aim of providing a competitive advantage to our customers.

We manufacture and integrate own and third-party technology and telecommunications link up with the aim of providing turnkey solutions to our customers.

International presence

We have recognized presence in the oil industry, working for companies such as:
Nabors, Sodexo, Diavaz, Petrobras, Pemex, in America.

In Europe and the Middle East we develop production systems for companies such as: Audi, Volkswagen, Halliburton, Sky Petroleum and Repsol.





Providing creative and efficient solutions that help solve 100% of business needs through the implementation and control of the highest technology and quality service.



To contribute to the integral growth of enterprises, from implementing quality technology solutions and cutting edge, offering services of the highest quality, exceeding the expectations of our customers effectively and efficiently.



Being a leading company worldwide in the technology market, renowned for offering the best products and services, enhancing the professional development of its customers and business partners.



> Respect.
> Teamwork.
> Responsibility.
> Honesty.
> Service.
> Commitment.



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