InterSAD Corporation

This integrated for three (3) divisions. IT, Offshore Services and Red2Play.

It began operations in 1999 in the city of Merida, capital of the Mexican state of Yucatan. For over twelve years he focused his efforts on the IT division, to provide software products and solutions for different market segments.

Service requirements of the oil sector, which is catered from the IT division, came to be so important that for 2011 the division Offshore Services was created, with a structure and own logistics to ensure service levels requiring the oil industry.

Finally in 2014, to create Red2Play division dedicated to the production and distribution of digital content for the various sectors, among them Tourism, Fashion, Sports, Culture and Corporate Image Management.


Offer services of the highest quality in everything we do, that exceed the expectations of our customers effectively and efficiently.


Be strategic partners for our customers excellence in national and international markets where we are present, supported by the excellence of our products, solutions and business knowledge.


Integrity: honesty, transparency and ethics in our business management are our pillars in our relationship with our clients and associates.

Innovation: Based on market needs, continually generate new ideas, to offer solutions and services that bring real value to our clients in strengthening their businesses.

Quality: We maintain the highest levels of quality in everything we do, in the constant search for improvement of work processes to meet the expectations of our customers about our products and services.

Commitment: Responsibility, open communication, business understanding and teamwork with our customers, allow us to deliver solutions that widely meet the initial expectations of the company and its end users.





Offshore Services

We have Explosion proof equipments to increase security, protect equipment and provide safety in hazardous areas.

We are an international company focused on meeting the technological needs of the oil, government, automotive and aviation.

We manufacture and integrate own and third-party technology and telecommunications link up with the aim of providing turnkey solutions to our customers.

International presence

We have recognized presence in the oil industry, working for companies such as: Nabors, Sodexo, Diavaz, Petrobras, Pemex, in America.

In Europe and the Middle East we develop production systems for companies such as: Audi, Volkswagen, Halliburton, Sky Petroleum and Repsol.







Information technologies

Our solutions are sold through major carriers in different countries.

InterSAD IT Systems division is the InterSAD services company dedicated to the development and implementation of applications and solutions in Information Technology.

Our solutions meet the requirements in various market sectors. We serve the distribution sector Consumer Products, the Healthcare, the Transport sector Distance Education, among others.

Also we develop specialized information systems, designed to meet the particular needs of an organization, from the perspective of its business structure.

The origins of InterSAD IT systems are the InterSAD corporation. With over 15 years experience in the development and implementation of applications and technology solutions, IT InterSAD continues to offer the satisfaction of our customers as the best guarantee of the results we offer.

We are certified in CMMI N3, Oracle Development Team and by Computer Woche in Germany.

We have offices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, USA, Mexico, United Kingdom and Venezuela.

We have:

3 software-hardware factory in:


Research laboratories:

> National Polytechnic. Cd Mexico.
> Anahuac Mayab University. Mérida.
> Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Madrid.






Red2Play TV

It is your best ally in production and marketing of audiovisual content.
We offer our content and services to local, national and international markets through its own and third-party platforms:

> Visit our website

> Visita nuestra fan page

We solve for you, pre-production, planning, logistics, shooting and postproduction projects in 2D / 3D. Distribute audiovisual content on our platforms, we provide sponsors, and market your content in domestic and international markets.
We approach the daily viewers through: Satellite, Cable, SmartTV, tablets and Internet. We guarantee that audiences are interested will have access to its content, in the countries where we are present:
Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, United States, Spain and France>. Through streaming y/o VOD.

> We offer coverage and (if necessary) productions: press conferences, concerts, corporate events, mass events.
> We do planning, logistics, recording and post-production of content for third parties.
> We produce and distribute web series, movies, documentaries and advertising capsules.
> We have experience working for major brands, government, municipalities, producers and filmmakers in 9 countries.
> We distribute audiovisual content on our own platform or third parties, and VOD Streaming.
> We serve markets in languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French.
> Some of our projects: Travel, culinary destinations, new migrants, street carnival and others.

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